Couple therapy

Couple therapy based on a systematic approach is a psychotherapeutic method which puts the relationship of the couple in its centre, and considers the couple to be the unit of therapeutic intervention. Couple therapy makes it possible for the couple to speak openly and honestly about their difficulties. We will together reveal the patterns followed by the couple and their origin. Couple therapy helps change the methods of communication and behaviour that can cause problems in the relationship or the family.

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Couple therapy is conducted in the form of therapeutic sessions where two professionals will focus on the couple, and together we will discuss the difficulties which influence their relationship. We encourage the couple to share their emotions and thoughts with one another and sort their issues out together which makes their relationship stronger as well. A session lasts 90 minutes and are scheduled for every second week. Oftentimes, we give “homework” to the couple through which they can try new solutions.

What problems can be addressed with couple therapy?

  • Difficulties in communication
  • Difficulties with making commitments and with marriage
  • Difficulties with having a child and establishing a family
  • Questions and issues related to sexuality and intimacy
  • Fertility issues
  • Estrangement, lack of intimacy
  • Jealousy, a third individual in the relationship
  • Crisis of the couple or marriage: together or separately?
  • Separation, divorce


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