Psychology counselling

Psychology counselling is an assistive intervention or process (carried out by psychologists) which accompanies the client through various symptoms, conflicts, crises situations or impediments. It focuses on the client and their problem. In this sense, counselling rather means consultation or discussion.

During consultation, the session has an exact goal or a set of goals, and the counsellor will actively take part and provides support in the process. They will provide information to the client, and helps reveal their resources and widen their way of thinking.

Counselling usually consists of several sessions during which our professional works in cooperation with the healthy client who, during this process, will become capable to solve their problems individually, undertake their own feelings and overcome their crises.

 What problems can be addressed with individual therapy?

  • Decisions regarding career, work, and transitions to and between schools, jobs, workplaces and retirement
  • Difficulties in the relationship, including marriage and family issues
  • Difficulties in learning and lacking skills
  • Managing stress, and coping with negative situations
  • Organic problems
  • Adapting to disabilities, illnesses or injuries
  • Personal or social adaptation
  • Returning conflicts in a relationship
  • Individual, family and group consultation
  • Crisis intervention, disaster and trauma management
  • Preparing for a change in the way of life (before an operation, treatment or an important decision…)


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