Individual therapy

Psychotherapy is a special human connection carried out with healing psychological methods. In most cases, this is a lengthy therapeutic process which helps identify psychic and emotional problems through direct communication, and attempts to reveal the origin and background of these difficulties. Psychotherapy will take into account the general behavioural patterns, chronic problems and recurring emotions.

Therapy is carried out through a series of regular meetings. The objective is established together by the client and the therapist: the treatment may aim to dissolve a specific symptom, to better understand some permanent problems or to achieve deeper self-recognition in general. The objective of psychotherapy is to reveal and process the factors which may have an effect on the current difficulties.

What problems can be addressed with individual therapy?

  • Overcoming fears or insecurities
  • Coping with stress
  • Understanding traumatic events of the past
  • Finding the root causes that may make symptoms worse
  • Improving relations with the family and friends
  • Establishing a permanent and reliable daily routine
  • Making a plan to cope with crises
  • Understanding the problems of the individual and learning to cope with them
  • Abolishing destructive habits (alcohol and drug abuse, unhealthy sexual activities, etc.)

Our professionals

Dr. Hardy Júlia

Pszichiáter, pszichoterapeuta

Drávucz Orsolya

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